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♥ Spams got no where else to go?

= Thursday, October 9, 2008 =

   Breakfast is not really a big problem, unless you're getting spam.

   At least I don't hav a big problem like this guy:

Dear Daisy,

Reply me at (evanmbarote27@yahoo.co.uk)
My name is Evan Mbarote i am a beautiful and romantic young girl , I saw your profile today at (www.singlesex.dk) and loved it, i believe we can click together and make something good out of it, you can reply me at my private email:
(evanmbarote27@yahoo.co.uk) contacting me through my private email address strengthens our relationship to enable me send you my pictures and tell you more about me. I love sharing my photo with my friends, and it is only my friend that will know much about me, then, dear if you don't mind, kind mail me at my above email address for us to know each other well.
I will be waiting your sweet reply soon.


Yeah and you need to beg a reply 3 times out of 120 words! Now that's an accomplishment! F*ck!

And Evan is a girl's name?

I actually got this email from evanmbarote26@gmail.com and funny though, I have never opened an account with singlesex.dk. I don't even know that! So would that be "single sex" or "singles ex(change)"?

Would you dare click? I wouldn't. So since I've been spammed, here's posting her (or his, or it's) email in the hopes that somebody else spams him too.

Message for other spammers: You would go well together, seriously.

Oh, and yeah, sex is better when not done in singles.

Simply retouched @ 11:36 PM


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