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♥ Race against time

= Tuesday, August 12, 2008 =

Thought of the day: With the swarm of blogs out there, how will you see a daisy among the roses?

Yes I'm running... rushing.... to finish this blog's template so I can add it to Blogexplosion. Geesh! Me and my obsessions.

For those who have known me from my other blog, although indeed I said I am a heartless b*tch, sometimes though, I do have a heart too. I'm still a woman who falls inlove with the sunset and and a hot cappuccino on a lazy Sunday afternoon, be it after or before I think of being "creamed" on bed......

Okay, there I go again!

Now I'm thinking should I have this blog focus more on the mushy tangies of life? On funny emails and experiences I receive from writing down my life stories?

Aha! since I'm trying to control myself and my urges here, while trying to conceal my identity, let this be my diary of my failures and achievements on men and trying to stay away from them.

And I admit, I am obsessed with them. And now since I do have a boyfriend (which I hope would never find this and my other blog) I should teach myself to stop getting even, to stop avenging my past. That little innocent Daisy is gone and would never come back. I realize that okay, but how many men should pass my way to help me feel that?

My mind says take a break and run with him. But my instincts says otherwise.

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