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♥ BOTB Rank

= Sunday, March 29, 2009 =

I must admit, despite having such a low rank at BOTB (Battle of the Blogs) for this blog, (although Inlove with Daisies have ranked 1,015 as of posting) Blog Explosion, or I fondly call BE, have brought me to more readers and friends!

And I am gonna write more about my other blog since I get more responses there.

Although I hate the fact that it's almost a month now that my requested thumbnail has never been responded. Still, I am thankful for BE. Why, just the past week, despite not posting daily there, I have gained 5 new followers!

I guess one factor is when I joined Entrecard which only requires 8 ec/2 days! How to change that though, I don't know. (LOL) And of course I found this in tons of blogs at BE.

Another one would be my rule of once you have followed my blog, I will also follow yours!

And of course, the unbeatable factor for gaining friends, is placing a comment to blogs and commenting back to those who have placed one on yours.

Now, who doesn't want more traffic and more readers? That's one of the reasons (if not the main one) on why you placed a blog up in the first place, right?


Let's drink to that!

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♥ 10 Reasons why People Cheat

= Thursday, March 26, 2009 =

A few days back, I mentioned on my other blog that Haro Genki posted a link to the article "9 Reasons People Cheat". It features simple reasons that surely makes a big impact on relationships.

Okay, I may have relationship issues to deal with, but for all the "seriousness" I placed myself into for the past years, it has given me enough heartaches that I almost gave up on love. Well, almost.

Now, I just think about Gold. Yes, GOLD. Before gold becomes gold, it first needs to pass through fire. And that's how I think I survived life. Now, it's my turn to shine!

Anyways, here are the Reasons Why People Cheat:

1. Bored

2. Dependence

3. Confusion

4. Because They Let You

5. Nurturing

6. Revenge

7. Confirmation of Attractiveness

8. The Thrill

9. They Don't Consider It Cheating, Even Though You Might

And since one has to ask permission before re-posting the whole article, read the in-depth analysis of each item here instead: 9 Reasons Why People Cheat

Now for my 10th reason:

10. There is No Second Life - While you are still young and still got it going anyway, maximize it and have fun. We only have one life, so its our duty to make the most out of it! If your partner has a problem with it, go away José, this girl's gotta parteé!

Who doesn't agree with me on this? Raise your... hand! [naughty smiles]

photo credits:
~ Why did you do this to me
~ Cheater!

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♥ What Chefs Do When They are Bored

= Tuesday, March 24, 2009 =

What a Drag! Just another boring day passed by. I'm sure some of you had one too. But here's something that may help you pass the time some more.

And it sure made me smile! Click Slideshow.


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♥ Spam of the Day

= Sunday, March 22, 2009 =

From: Sheldon Breman = spoiling@wirebox.co.uk =
Subject: Moree orgasms

New Orgasm Enhhancer

Were all armed.
When not in a rage or sulkywhich
i expect you think i'm very nosy,
she said cheerfully.
Shop creaking on their two rods.
This shop had the tongs redhot,
or looked at the rain falling.
Got a beard to your oh,
don't be cross!
i'll go.

I didn't know they could be so poetic as this! LOL (with the intentional misspelled words)

Well the mail includes a link, but I won't care posting it here. If you are a spammer and want to exchange spams with someone, go ahead and flood Sheldon with your mails. You would be great for each other!

Oh, and btw, I don't find beards sexy...

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♥ Letter from Sherry Argov

= Friday, March 20, 2009 =

And I can't wait for the New audio book! "Why We Love B1tches: Uncensored"

'This new audio book has all the off-the-record secrets you didn't get to read. Sister...this is the good stuff!

Prepare yourself for saucy, taped confessions in which real guys come clean and expose all their inner thoughts. Your guy does NOT want you to have this book. It's the secret scoop on every "guy" trick'

Visit Sherry Argov

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♥ I could turn it into a dream for you

= Thursday, March 19, 2009 =

“To dream anything that you want to dream.
That's the beauty of the human mind.
To do anything that you want to do.
That is the strength of the human will.
To trust yourself to test your limits.
That is the courage to succeed.”

~ Bernard Edmonds

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♥ "Why Men Love Bitches" by Sherry Argov

= Tuesday, March 17, 2009 =

First off, I wanna avoid saying that word in this blog for google ads spider purposes. I hope I won't get another mail from them saying I have content that is not allowed in their terms and conditions. Blah. Blah. Anyway, if you wanna read my nasty side, go to My Experiments!

A couple of days ago, I was hunting 13 "biiitch" photos at flickr for my Friday the 13th tribute. Then I found this:

I got curious of the book of course and decided not to add the photo on the 13. Instead, make a separate post about it. Now here's a great addition on my list of books I'm hunting down.

Read the Summary here:

10 Reasons Why Men Prefer Bitchy Women

LOL. Let's just say I know most of them even before coming across this page on the web. But nonetheless, placing it altogether like a Bible or Constitution was Sherry Argov's great idea!

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♥ Tribute to Friday the 13th: 13 Biiitchn' photos!

= Friday, March 13, 2009 =

Here's to shake yer Friday the 13th horrors! 13 photos titled with the B word.



(3) now here's a really fair deal.

(4) Sweet.

(5) Aww! The memories.

(6) A political cry

(7) A prankster posed as an English Teacher in Korea.

(8) The Russians purposely made a mistake.

(9) Now that's what I call advertising!

(10) The Bold

(11) And the Beautiful

(12) Sexy

(13) And The Super "Almost" VP of all Biiitches!

credits: (in chronological order)
(1) Steffen J.
(2) 1773★
(3) mmmaki
(4) music for the eyes
(5) IvaYaneva
(6) kepetate
(7) 정호씨
(8) damopabe
(9) _gem_
(10) maseguardoilmondoatestain
(11) Miss Loisy
(12) zeus18z
(13) chuequillo

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♥ Biiitchin' Quote of the day

= Wednesday, March 11, 2009 =

And that line came from the one and only Uberb1tch, a.k.a. DutchB1tch.

I forgot exactly how I landed on her blog, probably by clicking through from one blog to another. Hell, they don't call it bloghopping for nothing!

Let me just say, she has inspired me to make my list of 100 things about me too! Woha! Now that's gonna be a revelation! See her 100 things here.

And yeah, we b1tches are just way cool huh!

Now I leave y'all with this sticker that I totally love to place on my car:

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♥ DaisyGirrrl Interrupted

= Monday, March 9, 2009 =

And I saw the perfect logo for me a few days back from EC

And this girrrl interrupted has now reached her maximum alcohol content.

Talk about self-induced "roofies"[?]. LOL

I am hungover. I will not post today.

Yeah, here I am tho. Now I go back to bedddhhhh........ zzzzzzz

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♥ The 3rd Monthly Just Because Awards

= Saturday, March 7, 2009 =

Continuing my now started tradition, I shall present today the award for the Blog of the month!

For those who missed the first and second awards that were given last month, please go here

Now for the recipient...

*drumroll please*

As for the month of March, the award goes to the intoxicating writer whose seeds of knowledge and beauty disperse through the hearts of people that he touches.

Daisy Vino iz oduvanchikov, in Russian, this blog is definitely one that stands out.

Congratulations to Shea! Daisy Dandelion Wine

To add this badge to your site, copy + paste the code below: (feel free to adjust the size to fit to your sidebar or post)


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♥ Request for Thumbnail at Blog Explosion

= Thursday, March 5, 2009 =

New ticket created.
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can check the status of the ticket at this URL:
Check ticket here

Ticket Info:
Please record the information below so that you can check the status of your support ticket later. This info will also be sent to your email address, but do write this down in case the email address you provided was incorrect
Ticket ID : 18581
Ticket Ticketkey : 7141842c8d

If you want to check the ticket later click on tickets on this page to log in to check the support ticket.

So I sent a request last Feb. 20 and until now I haven't got a new thumbnail from BE not even a reply. So where's the better management that I was wishing for?

This was the thumbnail in issue
(like duh, it was the thumbnail since November 14th)

And this is what my blog looks like now

It's not such a biggie okay, but I really hope BE will do something soon.

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♥ Microsoft no longer sells Windows XP

= Sunday, March 1, 2009 =

And I was planning to stalk our Geek Guy for the month. But I guess the month of February is just way too short.

Anyhoo, here's a tech news that's been buzzing about!

Last February 1st, Microsoft no longer sells Windows XP to its distributors. In short, users who wishes to use Windows XP need to buy the software when it is still available from the shelf.

Existing customers using Windows XP will still be supported with security updates until April 2014. Beyond the stated timeline will see many windows users making a switch to the much hyped Windows 7 platform and skip Windows Vista altogether.

Hell, some offices still use Windows 2000! Ha! That was stone age.

In other news, well not news actually. I found a site where funny look-alikes will make you laugh so much you wanna post it on your blog. (Teehee....)

This is one sample, the XP Default Desktop Wallpaper & Golders Hill Park in London.

See, what other fun stuff was paired up by Mehrdad!

Go to aref-adib.com

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