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♥ Robyn Cass: from bored housewife to world class spammer

= Saturday, October 18, 2008 =

OK, scrap world class! Haha!
So, with a pending deadline at work I tend to escape from it by not doing anything. I left somebody else in charge of that! LOL

So with help of Mr. Sexygoogle, (and yeah I can't search for pron at work anyway) I wasted some time and looked into who sent that mail and if there is any impact elsewhere. Then I thought... good thing I wasn't named Robyn and I wasn't an offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Cass!

There is one Robyn Cass who had this Facebook says she is from (1) Australia, and (2) Classmates.com Robyn Cass hails from North Hills, California.

Other so called/famous Robyn Cass's....
(3) A real estate agent from Memphis, TN.
(4) A casting director for "Project Runway", "The Bachelor", and possibly for "Big Brother" too,
(5) another from Sydney, Board Member and Convenor of the Friends, Victorian Tapestry Workshop. View her Bio in pdf
(6) A Registrar Assistant, Pacifica Graduate Institute
(7) this could be the real estate agent from Memphis, but here's a phone number 901-758-5628 and addy 6525 Quail Hollow Road, Suite 300. And
(8) whoever is the Robyn Cass who bought a "My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope" by C & A Scientific Company. Yay!

Although from the entertainment biz, he/she should appear in IMDB!

And here's a treat I think this is the one! (9) Either she is a bored housewife with a bum of a husband or a workaholic chick with a loser of a man..

My Husband

My husband is lazy
He hasn't got a job
sits on the computer
and eats like a a slob,

Some say he is annoying
some say he is great
i wish he could of warned me
about how much he ate

his feet smell disgusting
his farst even worse
some times i cannot take it
my nose it just might burst

but when i said my vows to him
i did mean every word
he is my angel that helps me fly
and feel just like a bird

Robyn Cass

Copyright ©2008 Robyn Cass

source: poetry.com

So if you were her, where else should she better go to meet an "African" man who will change her world but at match.com huh!

OR (10) - just somebody trying to ruin or make fun one of the real Robyn Cass either mentioned above or not.

Oh well, now let me get back to work. Boss is absent and I am weary he is fooling around behind me as he is with his wifey.

Photo above: "A Bored Housewife with a Face Full of Makeup, a Camera and Nowhere to Go. This is what happens." link

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♥ A Grateful Heart

= Monday, October 13, 2008 =

I chanced upon a blog by Vixen Kitten from a blog comment, just because I clicked her interesting thumbnail. Then I saw her two blogs, and her sensational header on The Journey of my Heart. Strangely (for my personality) I was more inclined on reading A Grateful Heart.

Now I didn't say I wanna stop my bitching around... but I found it inspiring to write my own list of things I am thankful for on a daily basis as well. Although yeah I would try to make it "Daily". I hope I can make this possible. And since this blog wouldn't be appropriate for that I'm thinking of starting another blog just for it. It will not only let you know me more... But will let me know myself more too. And for my age, I know an identity crisis only spurs up to teenagers and I am well far from a mid-life crisis too. Besides, that only happens with men.

So stay tuned!

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♥ For Girls: How to build self-confidence

= Saturday, October 11, 2008 =

... the right way!

...oops! On second thought, better make sure you're in the right public toilet!

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♥ Spams got no where else to go?

= Thursday, October 9, 2008 =

   Breakfast is not really a big problem, unless you're getting spam.

   At least I don't hav a big problem like this guy:

Dear Daisy,

Reply me at (evanmbarote27@yahoo.co.uk)
My name is Evan Mbarote i am a beautiful and romantic young girl , I saw your profile today at (www.singlesex.dk) and loved it, i believe we can click together and make something good out of it, you can reply me at my private email:
(evanmbarote27@yahoo.co.uk) contacting me through my private email address strengthens our relationship to enable me send you my pictures and tell you more about me. I love sharing my photo with my friends, and it is only my friend that will know much about me, then, dear if you don't mind, kind mail me at my above email address for us to know each other well.
I will be waiting your sweet reply soon.


Yeah and you need to beg a reply 3 times out of 120 words! Now that's an accomplishment! F*ck!

And Evan is a girl's name?

I actually got this email from evanmbarote26@gmail.com and funny though, I have never opened an account with singlesex.dk. I don't even know that! So would that be "single sex" or "singles ex(change)"?

Would you dare click? I wouldn't. So since I've been spammed, here's posting her (or his, or it's) email in the hopes that somebody else spams him too.

Message for other spammers: You would go well together, seriously.

Oh, and yeah, sex is better when not done in singles.

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♥ Coffee Quote of the Day

= Tuesday, October 7, 2008 =

Perfect. What a perfect way to the end the day.

And yeah, my filthy-rich boss finally thanked me for my efforts at work! A first time he didn't wowed at how I looked like today, my cute dress or my stunning make-up. But my work! My craft. Yeah, Daisy is not all booby and legs, she has a brain too yah know! But then whispered after "and by the way you look good in that pink top".


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♥ LoOk At MEEE!!!

= Sunday, October 5, 2008 =

You Are a Look At Me Blogger!

Cute pics, blog drama, whatever it takes to get traffic.

You're notorious ... either loved or hated by all!

You complain about the attention your blog receives, but you secretly love it.

You'd feel lonely if you didn't have any admirers or enemies.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

Good. You did look.

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♥ Do you got your Rabbit Toy yet?

= Wednesday, October 1, 2008 =

"Let Ramseys ears and nose do all the work for one of the most explosive org a sms you will ever have."

Color: Purple
Texture: Smooth
special features: Waterproof
special features: Powerful
Manufacturer: Rocks Off Limited
For More Details and how to purchase it discreetly: here

Boys, boys, you've gotta let your girlfriends try it! And as for me, I would and I would definitely recommend this to my girlfriends too!

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