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♥ BlogExplosion is gone?

= Saturday, January 31, 2009 =

Today, aside from adding a support badge for whiteknot.org on my sidebar, I have added a new code to my template. The links to my past entries. See my sidebar for the box "Past Lovelies".

As I was testing it, I came across my old post Blogmarked 4,294,967,295 times so I got curious if the numbers changed. I clicked on the blog explosion link but I got an error.

I have tried several times. And this is what I get:

I searched for other entry points, like the BlogExplosion forum, the members surf, battle of the blogs, directory, but all are showing the same message. And of course, my referral link is gone as well. I even went far on checking my internet connection, but to my dismay, my internet is working.

Is BlogExplosion down? Did they close? Permanently? If this is just a site maintenance they should have emailed its members, or at least redirect the site to a page that says so. And if they are planning of shutting it down, they should have warned us too!

I went on to investigate. And I came across HelpMeBlog.com I remember they were such a big thing for BE members years ago. And they only had 2 entries after the announcement in 2006 that BE is up for sale. Was this a sign? What's up with the new management?

I googled up if there are other blogs posting about its downtime. There are no news. I also looked at whois.net for more info and my whois search landed me with these details from GoDaddy:

Created on: 28-Jul-04
Expires on: 28-Jul-12
Last Updated on: 22-Apr-08

Technical Contact:
Nguyen, Toan domains@liveuniverse.com
LiveUniverse, Inc.
840 Apollo Street
Suite 251
El Segundo, California 90245
United States

I emailed them now but I'm doubting that they would respond. Or that if they are the owners of the site. It's possible that they are just the owners of the name though.

Let's hope that BE will be back. And soon. Otherwise, I stick with Easyhits4u. Although they are mostly not about blogs, and just bring on traffic. BE has a better system and blogs with great content and cooler people. *Sigh*

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♥ The Secret Admirer

= Friday, January 30, 2009 =

I just scanned through my flooded mail and found a precious stone. I will not disclose his email but let me just call him Spaceman.

Apparently, he has gone to my first blog, The Corporate B*tch.

His email goes...

Daisy, wow. i just finished reading ur entire blog. every entry. i must admit im a little drained. i jerked off 4 times. the type of person and how u write about ur life is mind blowing. i look forward to more. u r without a doubt the perfect woman...at least in my eyes. if i could have one person it would be u for sure

Spaceman, if you are reading this, I hope you don't mind that I have posted it. You really made my day! Things like these are very special for me and I am totally flattered and thankful to have read your thoughts.


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♥ My new blog's template has brought in traffic

= Wednesday, January 28, 2009 =

I totally dig XML. Although, I'm not gonna change my template here anytime soon. Go over to my blog Inlove with Daisies and you will see why I say XML is more convenient in so many ways.

But I must say, if you wanna learn HTML, get down and dirty the hardcore way! Go ahead and revert to the classic blogger.

It's like learning how to drive, if you learned driving using a manual transmission, especially a classic Volkswagen beetle, any other car would be a piece of cake.

Now going back to my new blog, I would like to share my top 5 visitors per country.

1. United States (US) 1,405
2. China (CN) 1,056
3. India (IN) 237
4. United Kingdom (GB) 197
5. Canada (CA) 192

So from these top 5 countries down to Poland, Greece, Germany, France, to unfamiliar countries (to me, that is) like Latvia, Burkina Faso, Azerbaijan, Antigua and Barbuda, it's so fun seeing visitors who frequent or just pass by. If you wanna see the whole list, go over at Clustermaps.

Hmm.... the lovely scent of daisies...

And that is only from 13 Nov 2008 to 23 Jan 2009. My total hits are actually more than 5,000 in just a matter of less than 2 months. Well, imagine that huh! Even more than this blog. The key is updates I guess. And using the XML blogger template? I'm really not that good at these things, so please share your thoughts! Even the dirty thoughts are welcome! LOL

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♥ How is your surfing Experience

= Monday, January 26, 2009 =

... at Easyhits4u?

Well, I am satisfied too. For one, I do not have any other surfing exchange sites other than Blog Explosion. And given that both of them give traffic to your blogs, the difference is, in EasyHits4u they pay you as well!

NOW, on other news about my surfing what-nots, I totally love the new photobucket album themes! There are literally hundreds of layouts you can choose from, and the neon love caught my attention.

Now, add that to my juicy photo collection, and my album looks like this:

Cool huh?

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♥ Happy 6 Years to the BEST Traffic Exchange Ever!

= Tuesday, January 13, 2009 =

EasyHits4U Newsletter
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♥ Thank You!

= Thursday, January 1, 2009 =

Thank You for your donation!

You just made the daisies smile!

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♥ Have an Exotic New Year!

= =

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