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♥ Poetic Spam of the Day

= Thursday, April 30, 2009 =

from:         Bourgeois [reprovingly@stachenee.be]
date:          Tue, Apr 27, 2009 at 6:15 AM
subject:   Amazing Sex Lifee

The other hand, she might easily have obtainedinside vault, by the divine being, and conducted eastward.

How to Open the DDoor to an Amazing Sex Life Learn more

Or sloping away to a hidden meeting with the floor day. He turned to see if she were not, by chance, questioner you relentand go a little further. Heart/youre in my soul youll be my breath/till call on us. You are wickeder than ever.
come at of her life listening, and those who have listened
that for a theory? Something in that, i should i should
ever hear in this life. Blest if she satisfy you, and indeed
that to find one similar his view, floated by him, and died
away. As its hang over the throng, born, perhaps, of good
clothes road was speckled with home goers, single and.

I got this email yesterday and I find this just so funny! Is there a story generator software that these spammers use?

Just another day of phishes in the sea! (or should I say "web"?) LOL

[What is PHISHING?]
flickr photo credit: "Another Day" by Someone.like.you

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♥ My Custom Banners and Badges

= Tuesday, April 28, 2009 =

I love to experiment. That's for sure. And growing up not knowing how to draw (except for the stick figures), it's always fun knowing how easy it is to create nice images with a little help of the computer.

Here are my custom banners and badges.

I will be updating this post whenever I finish one. Feel free to hyperlink to them or save on your computer (If you have any use of them). BUT You are not allowed though, to tamper with the image nor edit it. You are being watched! LOL No, seriously.

For BYBS (Blog Your Blessings Sunday):

For Blog Awards:

For Google:

For EntreCards:

For Feeds:

For My Blogs:

REMINDER: Please do not tamper with these images. If you would like me to create a customized banner or badge for you, please feel free to contact me or place a comment on this post. For now, since I am not a professional (lol), I'd be happy to do it for FREE!

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♥ My Manga Portrait

= Sunday, April 26, 2009 =

Surfing and chatting, I found a cute cartoon portrait-maker. They call it a manga. I think it came from the Japanese anime scene. Anyhoo, I like it to much! And here's my first try. (it took me an hour to do though) Ha!

Now you see how I look like... more or less.

Wanna create your own Manga? Go to Face Your Own Manga

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♥ I therefore claim this blog!

= Saturday, April 25, 2009 =

Technorati Profile

Go on little spiders! Crawl on Me!


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♥ New Banners!

= Friday, April 24, 2009 =


I have finally made some banners for this blog. I am not deeply satisfied with all of them but nonetheless, I made them myself and its a labor of love!

Now these is the first batch of banners for this blog that I will submit to both BlogExplosion and EasyHits. Hope they approve them all!

Also, I think I should compile all the badges and banners that I have made so far to keep track. Let's see in the coming days!

If you like what you see,
Would you like me to design
a banner for you for free?

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♥ Second payment from EasyHits4U!

= Wednesday, April 22, 2009 =

I know this is a bit delayed post, but here is the second payment that I received from EasyHits4U!

And before I claim my 3rd payment (which has a total of $17.31 unclaimed as of writing), I would like to share this to all. Here is the total from my paypal account: (Please click image to zoom in)

And to let you know the secret from earning not only traffic for your sites but also some little extra cash, here's my surfing activity during Feb.20 to March 25.

Traffic Exchange with 100,000+ members
Who wouldn't like some extra cash while promoting your blog? What are you waiting for? Join Now!

UPDATE: See my First Payment here

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♥ Custom EC Cards for a Friend

= Monday, April 20, 2009 =

Here are the EC Cards I promised you, Kruel!

Now, you can replace the standard cards from EC... and well, make use of these images any way you want!

You can say goodbye to these standard text-boxes:

And replace them with these new ones:


Hope you like them!

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♥ Changing the Top Commenters code

= Saturday, April 18, 2009 =

Previously on my other blog Inlove with Daisies, I have the widget from corpseofattic.com. But I noticed that the more the days progress, the less the number of total comments per user. So that's weird.

The first day that I installed it, I had Shea having 13 comments. Then after almost a week and as I post new stuff, his comments count is going down. So I asked him if he was "deleting" some, but he didn't even delete any.

So for those looking for the best (or a better) Top Commenters widget, or if you are still using the one from corpseofattic.com, I advise you to take the switch!

Like what I did. From corpseofattic.com to mxyzptc.

As as sign, I also changed the title to "The Top 10 Lovers" to "Red Hot Lovers".

click the image to see the widget live:

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♥ Lose some gain some

= Thursday, April 16, 2009 =

A few days back I have noticed on my blog Corporate B1tch that some recent images were blocked by photobucket. The images were removed and replaced with this:

To my dismay, upon checking my album there are even more photos that were deleted.

So now I am blocking the public from viewing my albums and set them all in Private. That was a last resort, but it was a preventive measure as to people who just wanna "report" my images to have them removed. At least the pictures of me were still there. Oh well! Let's see in the coming days.

I noticed that whenever I lose something, I gain something in return. So before I get pissed on who reported my images, I went all smiles when I logged in at EC.

Aside from the queued ads waiting to be displayed on my EC widget, there were about 30 Paid Ads waiting to be approved as well. The first 9 are shown on the left.

As of now, it takes only 64 ec credits a day to place an ad on my blog Inlove with Daisies. And it will be displayed for 5 days.

It is indeed a fair deal, isn't it?

Enrecard's automatic system is the one handling the amount per ad and number of days for your blog. They base it on drops, ad requests and visits. So there are no worries if it goes over-priced or under-priced.

At first, I just tried to test this site since I see ALOT of other blogs doing it. And boy am I glad that I tried it. Not only does it bring traffic, but also regular visitors, readers and friends!

So since it is a huge success in my other blog, I'd be adding this blog to EC as well!

For now, I'd be making a thumbnail image to be placed on my profile before I add this blog.

Please visit my entrecard profile and place an ad for just 64 ec's a day.

Or just go over Inlove with Daisies and drop an ec.

Smooches to everyone!

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♥ Breaking News: Malware found!

= Tuesday, April 14, 2009 =

I was quietly surfing some sites when suddenly a threat alert popped up from AVG's Web Shield Alert system.

Click the image to view the screen shot.

The warning reads:

File name: oz.orgfree.com/
Threat Name: Exploit MDAC ActiveX code execution (type 165)

During that time I was only reading the forums on Blog Explosion and surfing EasyHits4u. So since BE is practically harmless, I reported the last site that was loading at Easyhits. A site named http://www.centsports.com/

But wrong move, out of curiosity, and because of the reason that the links were totally different, I went to google out oz.orgfree.com. Be careful in clicking through sites tho, coz soon as I clicked the first entry on google, I got another detection!

I found out that either this is due to an outdated windows or from an Adbrite ad error from the site.

AVG didn't seem to cure it, only found it. Let's see if it pops up again in the next days. (or hours)

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♥ Food and Wine Experience

= Monday, April 13, 2009 =

It's that time of the year again! Where Food, Wine and Music from all over merges in one island sprinkled with Love! The feast takes place today, April 13 to the 17th.

St. Croix Food & Wine Experience is on its 7th year! And we welcome visitors from all over to participate in the event! Guests can sample an amazing variety of foods, from Cajun to Lebanese, Creole, Italian, French, and many exciting Caribbean recipes from over 50 local chefs that take advantage of the local fruits, vegetables and spices.

This year's judges are famous chefs such as Willy Diggleman from Panama, Catherine Driggers from California, Kevin Rathbun from Atlanta, Johnny Vinczencz from Miami and others who will vote on their top picks in such categories as best appetizer, entree, dessert, presentation and more!

How much? Free to Taste of St. Croix ticket holders and only $10 if you’re not!

View the Calendar of Events here | Buy Tickets and Posters here (if there is any left though. LOL

Now I'm off to leave for an early start! I know this is gonna be a fun week!!!

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♥ Kisses From Your Easter Bunny!

= Saturday, April 11, 2009 =

Easter Comment Tags
Sexy Comments From Red Cherry Tags

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♥ EasyHits4U Payment Received!

= Thursday, April 9, 2009 =

A few days back, I received 2 payments from EasyHits4u!

And this is the first payment!

I have earned more than $20 from Easyhits and soon as I signed up for paypal, I just tested if the transaction will go through before I claim all my earnings. So I tried to claim only $4.66 first.

After less than 24 hours, here's what I got in my mail:

It only shows that EasyHits4u really pays!

But please don't confuse EasyHits4U as a PTC (or pay to click site)! It is not! It is just a traffic exchange site, more like BlogExplosion. The only difference is, BE rewards through credits only and EasyHits rewards through credits and the cents earned is just a bonus.

Traffic Exchange with 100,000+ members

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♥ I am Against War and Genocide

= Tuesday, April 7, 2009 =

Bloggers Launch TrainforHumanity.org Humanitarian Initiative

Over the past five years, 200,000 civilians have died due to violence, malnutrition, and disease in Dafur and an additional 2.2 million people have been displaced. We want to do something about it.

Fed up with watching humanitarian crises on the evening news and not doing anything to help, a group of bloggers (most notably, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits) have created and founded the non-profit Train for Humanity, which is an online humanitarian awareness and fund raising organization.

Over 150,000 new blogs are added to the internet everyday. Train for Humanity’s mission is to utilize the web, social media, and blogging, in tandem with athletes in training, to support organizations that help prevent suffering and alleviate the pain of children, orphans, and refugees who have been displaced due to genocide or internal strife and war within their country.

The creators of this site hoped to show people that with a little creativity and innovation, anyone can assist and make a difference in the world. If you would like to learn more, have a look at the Train for Humanity website. Or follow them on their other links:

Twitter: Updates on Darfur, fundingraising, news, events @ Train4Humanity or for general TFH info @ Mark Hayward. || YouTube || FLICKR

Please click to see the satellite evidence of the destruction:

Other Support Groups for Dafur:

If you wish to be brothers,
drop your weapons.
~Pope John Paul II

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