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♥ blogmarked 4,294,967,295 times?!?!?

= Monday, September 29, 2008 =

Oh come on! Tell me this is a flaw at BlogExplosion! It has been going on for months and I first doubted it until I had this new blog added there. And despite having only one blogmark for this blog, my other one still maintained the number! Surprisingly even increased 185 in 2 months to be exact.

Now you be the judge! Do the math and if you do not have anything else to do with the next 3 minutes of your life, maybe you wanna add up the blogs from their Directory. It's just so funny!

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♥ HAppY BiRthdAY GooGLe DoOdLe!

= Saturday, September 27, 2008 =

And today marks the 10 whooping years of Google Doodle! For that, I have this little present for you guys! I made it myself!

Well ok not entirely original. Ha! And I know tons and tons of well respected artists have given their fare share. And I'm no better but hope the guys in the headquarters like it!

Go visit their official blog and give a kiss from me!


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♥ ShePhone: All-in-one phone for the Ladies!

= Wednesday, September 24, 2008 =

Wow I gotta have this!

"Special" Features:

+ mini vibrator in the shape of a pink rabbit
+ perfume spray
+ pills tray
+ dental floss
+ pregnancy test
+ corkscrew for wine
+ a section for condoms and tan lotion

And the regular features like:
camera, voice analyzer (polygraph detector), GPS, Wi-Fi, MP3 player.

The prototype has been published in Marie Claire magazine. But it hasn't been clear yet when they will have it available in stores! Ooohh baby! I can't wait!

Read more about it here: Super cell phone for the ladies

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♥ Wanna drink me?

= Tuesday, September 23, 2008 =

You Are Sex On the Beach

When comes to drinking, you like it to go down smooth.

You really don't like the taste of alcohol - just its effect on you.

So, you're proud to get drunk on fruity, girly drinks.

Because once you're liquored up, the fun begins!

What Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Thought of the day: Random guys on bars are for keeps. For one night. Only.

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♥ Battle of the Blogs (BOTB)

= Sunday, September 21, 2008 =

There are times when pictures speaks louder than words...

rank: 2204

So my first two were lost battles. But my ship did not sunk yet. So I made a slight improvement and added this spankin background and added little tweaks on the template.

Thus, my next battle gave me my first win! And the next one was a winner too!

But strangely, look at my new rank after winning the 2nd battle. I like the last two digits below....

rank: 2269

Now that I didn't get. It's math.

I sure hope they update the thumbnails soon. Here's what mine should look like now:

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♥ Sarah and Hilary

= Friday, September 19, 2008 =

Sarah Palin & Hilary Clinton message to the people
by pinkas99

LMSAO! Well some people just do not have the humor...

I know who to vote but here's something that might despise you or anyone who really haven't heard about it yet: Sarah Palin and her anti-life campaign. I don't know why some people are pro-Sarah. Maybe there is no other choice? Is it choose the lesser evil? What if the Devil wears Prada? But then again, I would like you to see this: jottings from Jersey's Do you really know Sarah?

LMSAO (for those who do not know) is: LaughingMySexyAssOff
MILf - (for the vid) well go google it up! hahaha....

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♥ Gotta love those Love Dolls?

= Wednesday, September 17, 2008 =

REUTERS: "When 45 year old Engineer Tabo arrives home, it's not his wife or girlfriend that's waiting for him. They are love dolls or s3x dolls, neatly and quietly sitting on the sofa.... "

"Tabo is one of the increasing number of Japanese men who has given up on dating or marrying women in the real world, and turn to these dolls for love, affection and s3x. Tabo has spent more than $170,000 to buy nearly 100 of these s3x dolls."

Well I really do not find them Freakish! What do you think?

If this tickles your fancy, you might like to come over Realistic Japanese Dolls and see for yourself.

*[3 inserted in the word to avoid blockage by google ads.] Ha! Can't help it, I'm paranoid sometimes.

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♥ I may not be a Hindi filmstar...

= Monday, September 15, 2008 =

...But I sure catch the attention of men! As a poem was given to me a few days back. If you enjoy the piece as much as I do, please hover over Attila's blog..

The smooth ivory neck,
With black, silky vines hanging down,
Ensnaring boys and men, all alike.

The eyes so deep,
An endless gaze,
Yet reach not I, to their end.

Those lips red and rosy,
Guarding teeth so pearly
That voice so soft and mushy.

The bubbly laughter-
Tingles in my ears,
Like the temple bells.

Those cheeks, so wide and smooth
Not a scratch, not a bump-
Far apart, from the beholder.

The chin so sublime,
Nothing compares,
In nature similar.

So perfect a figurine,
Cherished she must be,
Like an oyster does a pearl.

(c) Attila, as reply to a comment on my post about the art of gratifying one's soul. Read here, I know you're intrigued.

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♥ The Loafer Lover

= Saturday, September 13, 2008 =

Here's a striking message that gives me a smile everytime I'm caught up at work and a wink and flirty laugh just doesn't give the usual sensual stares from the big boss....

web_loafer has left a comment on my story "And step-dad steps in":

Those young, shaved, lotioned and bathed leg of yours, needs a piano player. The way you set this camera shot up, is....well it's going to be loved by all art lovers and at least one old almost retired truck driver. I can see the music in this photo. Not many will, but my dear I’m not one of many.

Oh……..the old almost retired truck driver would be me.

You visited my blog, I visit yours, see how that works.

After a long shower and shave, I could.....well, I don't want to brag. Webloafer has another 250,000 miles to drive, then he will have the rest of his life to enjoy those that are now enjoying what he delivered. Pick up the receiver....I will deliver....

Do you need a Personal Jesus? Hon, I can't help you with that, but if you have a need for a personal truck driver.....?

Sweet smelling one, I'll use my talented mind and hands on your steering wheel. Not forever and ever amen.....just for a moment neither of us will regret or forget. Never doubt what fate/god/karma/luck brings your way darling, just enjoy.

Just as you enjoyed these words, You need the enjoyment I could bring to you via those long legs.....I know where those beautiful legs meet,

We may never meet, but I hope you have enjoyed this mental foreplay.

Now, go out there and wow a millionaire......then when he has gone away for business.....I would be more than happy to lick those legs and find out where they meet. Just give me a ring………

I want to tinkle your ivory's.


Ooh! Wow! Now I'm under his spell again.... must.re.sist.temptation.

ahhhhh... why should I?

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♥ 9-11 and the year that was.

= Thursday, September 11, 2008 =


Let's all pause and send a prayer to the skies.

I wish for world peace.

Why don't we just make love and not war?
Life on earth would be so much better with that.


Advisory: The ceremonies will be aired on WABC 7, WCBS 2, WNBC 4, WNYW 5, WWOR 11, and NY1. Church Street will be closed between Battery Place and Barclay, as are Cedar, Cortlandt, Dey, Fulton, Vesey and Barclay Streets between Broadway and Church.

~ September 11: 6th Anniversary Commemoration Events
~ Here is New York: Remembering 9/11 exhibit

Daisy promotes peace by making love to all......

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♥ HOW TO Place Comment links disabled at Blogskins free templates

= Tuesday, September 9, 2008 =

Ok, after some painstaking time converting codes lol ~ Here goes a simple technique or add-on to Dreamweaver-based Templates used at blogger.

The beautiful template at Puppything's blog is almost complete except that you can only place comments through her tag board and there is no comment link. Well, I started with that on this blog too.

I noticed that the free blog templates at Blogskins usually have this flaw. It lacks the comment link. So I found some ways while doing some trial and error. Ha!

So since I promised to give the html code, I thought of sharing this on the net. Hopefully some poor soul ~ which was like me, only I had to learn it the hard way ~ will land here looking for the same solution.

*Highlight, right click and copy the codes in the box*

First add this in between the " <head> and <head>"

/* Comments
----------------------------------------------- */
#comments h4 {
margin:1em 0;
font:bold 78%/1.6em "Trebuchet MS",Trebuchet,Arial,Verdana,Sans-serif;
#comments h4 strong {
#comments-block {
margin:1em 0 1.5em;
#comments-block dt {
margin:.5em 0;
#comments-block dd {
margin:.25em 0 0;
#comments-block dd.comment-timestamp {
margin:-.25em 0 2em;
font:78%/1.4em "Trebuchet MS",Trebuchet,Arial,Verdana,Sans-serif;
#comments-block dd p {
margin:0 0 .75em;
.deleted-comment {

then this between the <$BlogItemDateTime$> and </Blogger>


<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemCommentCreate$>"<$BlogItemCommentFormOnclick$>><$BlogItemCommentCount$> say it!</a>


<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>#links">stamps</a>


< $BlogItemControl$>

<!-- Begin #comments -->


<div id="comments">

<blogitemcommentsenabled><a name="comments"></a>

<h4><$BlogItemCommentCount$> Comments:</h4>>

<dl id="comments-block">


<dt class="comment-poster" id="" >" >< a name="" >" >< /a>

<$BlogCommentAuthor$ > said...>


<dd class="comment-body">



<dd class="comment-timestamp"><a href="#<$BlogCommentNumber$>" title="comment permalink"><$BlogCommentDateTime$></a>





<p class="comment-timestamp">





<a name="links">< /a>< h4>Links to this post:< /h4>

<dl id="comments-block">


<dt class="comment-title">


<a href="<$BlogBacklinkURL$>" rel="nofollow"><$BlogBacklinkTitle$></a> <$BlogBacklinkDeleteIcon$>


<dd class="comment-body"><$BlogBacklinkSnippet$>

<span class="comment-poster">

<em>posted by <$BlogBacklinkAuthor$> @ <$BlogBacklinkDateTime$></em>





<p class="comment-timestamp"><$BlogItemBacklinkCreate$></p>>


<p class="comment-timestamp">

<a href="<$BlogURL$>"><< Home</a>




<!-- End #comments -->

Note that the <$BlogItemDateTime$> is the last thing below your post. Or if this is not the case, try placing the code after your main post or <$BlogItemBody$>

So, Puppything my dear, tell me if this is effective or not ok. I can send you the whole thing in a textfile.

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♥ Three is a magic number

= Monday, September 8, 2008 =

So this is it. Maybe I'm lucky this time. I haven't opened my email yet but I saw the subject already! And it strikes me while I think of the possibilities and what if's. Ok I better get this over and done with huh.

Open the mail. Read. Read carefully.

Subject: Tech Support-Text Link Ads

We're sorry but the page is still considered "Adult" in nature and therefore we can not accept it into our program at this time.

If you have any other questions/concerns, please let us know.


TLA Support
A MediaWhiz Company

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic communication, and all information herein, including files attached hereto, is private, and is the property of the sender. This communication is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any disclosure of; dissemination of; distribution of; copying of; or, taking any action in reliance upon this communication, is strictly prohibited. Further for any and all creative that maybe attached, please be advised that MediaWhiz is neither the author or publisher of the attached creative. MediaWhiz makes no representation that the attached complies with existing federal and/or state law. All creative should be reviewed with counsel prior to publication. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify us by telephone, 646-442-0074, AND DESTROY THE ORIGINAL AND ALL COPIES OF THIS COMMUNICATION.

Thank you.

No, I am the intended recipient, and don't worry there was no attachment. This is not an error. My blog is.

So is 3 the magic number? Nope. There is simply no such thing.

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♥ All because you kissed me goodnight... =*

= Tuesday, September 2, 2008 =

...Now I can't sleep. And I have to wake up and go to work in 3 hours. And because I easily fall for a great kiss, now I go to bed and think about you. You know who you are. Have you found me yet?

Now a silly question pops in my head. How would you know if he's a great kisser? I guess the answer is this: it's all in the feelings and vibes.

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♥ It's Labor Day, a Time to Relax and have Fun

= Monday, September 1, 2008 =

Happy Labor Day America!

What I love about the Labor Day:

1. no work
2. fireworks
3. no job
4. free bl*wjovz (intentionally misspelled) Ha!
5. barbecue
6. free drinks for ladies on bars
7. parades
8. on the beach, cute babes
9. my step dad goes away
10. and the little naughty girl in me can play!

And maybe, just maybe I go post what happened next on my experiments

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