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♥ 10 Reasons why People Cheat

= Thursday, March 26, 2009 =

A few days back, I mentioned on my other blog that Haro Genki posted a link to the article "9 Reasons People Cheat". It features simple reasons that surely makes a big impact on relationships.

Okay, I may have relationship issues to deal with, but for all the "seriousness" I placed myself into for the past years, it has given me enough heartaches that I almost gave up on love. Well, almost.

Now, I just think about Gold. Yes, GOLD. Before gold becomes gold, it first needs to pass through fire. And that's how I think I survived life. Now, it's my turn to shine!

Anyways, here are the Reasons Why People Cheat:

1. Bored

2. Dependence

3. Confusion

4. Because They Let You

5. Nurturing

6. Revenge

7. Confirmation of Attractiveness

8. The Thrill

9. They Don't Consider It Cheating, Even Though You Might

And since one has to ask permission before re-posting the whole article, read the in-depth analysis of each item here instead: 9 Reasons Why People Cheat

Now for my 10th reason:

10. There is No Second Life - While you are still young and still got it going anyway, maximize it and have fun. We only have one life, so its our duty to make the most out of it! If your partner has a problem with it, go away José, this girl's gotta parteé!

Who doesn't agree with me on this? Raise your... hand! [naughty smiles]

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