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♥ 5th post and still counting.....

= Wednesday, August 20, 2008 =

While I'm ignoring my urges to look over and comment back on my other blog The Corporate B.tch, here I am almost ready to explode!

My two fave visitors have been leaving comments and mails and yet I haven't replied. I have tons of stories in my drafts that I haven't published although I know it's just one click away. Something is preventing me. What you may ask, I don't know! What's wrong with me?

I like to be mean now and leave comments all around just to have mean remarks slashed back at me. And I have yet to publish the first rejection from an advertiser and today, I just got my third.

Oh well. Let me do that later. Off to Blog Explosion! But, what's the significance of 5? Here are some rules:

All Blogs must meet the following minimum requirements:

* Majority of content must be English
* Must have some original content - strictly including or linking to another's content does not make a blog
* Submitted URL must be that of the blog - not an RSS feed.
* Must have a minimum of 5 posts. (Blogs with advertising must have at least 10 posts)
* Must be at least 7 days old. (Blogs with advertising must be at least 14 days old)
* Must be accessible to the general public without entering a password
* Majority of posts must be readable by the general public without entering a password

And let me quote myself from last year when I just joined them:

I recently joined Blog Explosion in hopes that I tap into more people and help them let go of their inner wildness.

I believe that every person has a wild side, and let this be the blog me be a writer that will open up to your fantasies or introduce you to fantasizing.

And maybe... just maybe, I find here someone who will turn this bitch back into innocence. Although I doubt it.

And please be reminded that this is NOT a porn* blog. If you want something like that, go here

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Blogger Mike said...

Blog explosion is ok, but its pretty much the same people over and over. Well it must have worked cuz i'm here, and i like both your blogs.

August 29, 2008 at 7:00 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Yeah I've seen a lot of funny and interesting blogs there. And woah! See I saw you there too.


September 1, 2008 at 11:44 PM  

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