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♥ Breaking News: Malware found!

= Tuesday, April 14, 2009 =

I was quietly surfing some sites when suddenly a threat alert popped up from AVG's Web Shield Alert system.

Click the image to view the screen shot.

The warning reads:

File name: oz.orgfree.com/
Threat Name: Exploit MDAC ActiveX code execution (type 165)

During that time I was only reading the forums on Blog Explosion and surfing EasyHits4u. So since BE is practically harmless, I reported the last site that was loading at Easyhits. A site named http://www.centsports.com/

But wrong move, out of curiosity, and because of the reason that the links were totally different, I went to google out oz.orgfree.com. Be careful in clicking through sites tho, coz soon as I clicked the first entry on google, I got another detection!

I found out that either this is due to an outdated windows or from an Adbrite ad error from the site.

AVG didn't seem to cure it, only found it. Let's see if it pops up again in the next days. (or hours)

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