DaisyGirrrl says...
life needs retouches too

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♥ Blog Blast for Peace

= Wednesday, July 29, 2009 =

I just saw a group today that would love to support!
And I made my own badge to pay tribute.
Please join us in spreading the Love!

November 5, 2009
Bloggers from all across the globe
will blog for peace.
We will speak with one voice.
One subject.
One day.

The Peace Globe Gallery

“Peace is not something you wish for; It's something you make, Something you do, Something you are, And something you give away.” ~ Robert Fulghum

Simply retouched @ 3:56 PM


Blogger Mimi Lenox said...

Beautiful! I love it!
Can't wait to see you on November 5th. Thank you so much for participating and spreading the word.

Your daisies are lovely. When I get this added to the official gallery, I will let you know what number you are.


July 30, 2009 at 9:29 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Wow Pretty and great message. Lovely one, Daisy. :-)

Gosh... I'd better get thinking what I'm going to do this year. :-D

July 31, 2009 at 1:50 AM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Thanks Mimi! I'm looking forward for it. I'm also gonna make another badge for my other blog. Soon as I post it, I'll go and tell you of course! XoXoX

July 31, 2009 at 8:58 PM  
Blogger Daisy said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you... This is my first year to join Blog Blast so I still need to take a glance on last years entries to inspire me with what I will do too.. ;-)

July 31, 2009 at 8:59 PM  
Blogger Mimi Lenox said...

Daisy - You are #1480 in the peace globe gallery and I have featured your beautiful globe on my main site, Mimi Writes, today.

#1480 ~ Life Needs Retouches Too by Daisy Girrrl

Mimi Writes ~ She Sent Me Some Sunshine

August 8, 2009 at 8:05 AM  
Blogger Finding Pam said...

I love your peace globe and the message is one of my favorites.

Nice to meet you.

August 8, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

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