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♥ Sunday Stealing: Blame Tara

= Sunday, August 16, 2009 =

Question 1: Who do you think is the hottest movie star?
Female: Penelope Cruz, Male: Jude Law (if they have a movie together, that will be awesome! Imagine a mix of their adcents and great bod! I would be thrilled!)

Question 2: Apart from your house and your car, what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
My diamond studded necklace. Can't help it, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Question 3: What is your most treasured memory?
The first time somebody gave me tulips.

Question 4: What is the best gift you’ve ever received as a child?
Barbie Dollhouse! Complete with a Car and Ken! *winks*

Question 5: What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?
Ohh! Lived with my X and allowed him treat me the way he did. Oh bad memories...

Question 6: Give four words to describe yourself.
"bitchy ina lovely way"

Question 7: What was your highlight or lowlight of 2008?
Highlight - Last year, I went to a vacation outside my country.

Question 8: What was your most embarrassing moment?
Walking towards my mom's home wet all over because my X poured water on my head. Strangely, I can't remember why he did it.

Question 9: Tell something not generally known about yourself.
Oh revelation time! LOL I bite my nails when I'm anxious.

Question 10: If you were a comic strip/cartoon character, who would you be?
the little red-haired girl, the only unnamed and unseen character in the Peanuts (with Charlie Brown) comic strip. So me...


Sorry, I do not know who's Tara...

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