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♥ Microsoft no longer sells Windows XP

= Sunday, March 1, 2009 =

And I was planning to stalk our Geek Guy for the month. But I guess the month of February is just way too short.

Anyhoo, here's a tech news that's been buzzing about!

Last February 1st, Microsoft no longer sells Windows XP to its distributors. In short, users who wishes to use Windows XP need to buy the software when it is still available from the shelf.

Existing customers using Windows XP will still be supported with security updates until April 2014. Beyond the stated timeline will see many windows users making a switch to the much hyped Windows 7 platform and skip Windows Vista altogether.

Hell, some offices still use Windows 2000! Ha! That was stone age.

In other news, well not news actually. I found a site where funny look-alikes will make you laugh so much you wanna post it on your blog. (Teehee....)

This is one sample, the XP Default Desktop Wallpaper & Golders Hill Park in London.

See, what other fun stuff was paired up by Mehrdad!

Go to aref-adib.com

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