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♥ The Awards of Just Because...

= Friday, February 6, 2009 =

Oscar's Academy Awards is just around the corner. 16 days to be exact. And since I am one of those people who just watch the telly to witness the event, I thought ordinary bloggers can have their extra-ordinary awards too!

So I will start giving out badges as trophies and award bloggers who are extra-ordinary. Let's just say I choose them "just because..." (for several reasons and no exact particular category)

I will try to do this every first week of every month and sum up the 12 awardees at the end of the year. As for January, since it has passed by, I shall give 2 awards today.

And the first award, for the month of January, is given to...

*drumroll please*

Jerry! Diary of a Loser is a Winner in so many ways!

The second award, for the month of February, goes to...

Harmony! One Way Trip to Hell will actually bring you to your own Haven!

To add this badge to your site, copy + paste the code below: (feel free to adjust the size to fit to your sidebar or post)


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