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= Thursday, April 16, 2009 =

A few days back I have noticed on my blog Corporate B1tch that some recent images were blocked by photobucket. The images were removed and replaced with this:

To my dismay, upon checking my album there are even more photos that were deleted.

So now I am blocking the public from viewing my albums and set them all in Private. That was a last resort, but it was a preventive measure as to people who just wanna "report" my images to have them removed. At least the pictures of me were still there. Oh well! Let's see in the coming days.

I noticed that whenever I lose something, I gain something in return. So before I get pissed on who reported my images, I went all smiles when I logged in at EC.

Aside from the queued ads waiting to be displayed on my EC widget, there were about 30 Paid Ads waiting to be approved as well. The first 9 are shown on the left.

As of now, it takes only 64 ec credits a day to place an ad on my blog Inlove with Daisies. And it will be displayed for 5 days.

It is indeed a fair deal, isn't it?

Enrecard's automatic system is the one handling the amount per ad and number of days for your blog. They base it on drops, ad requests and visits. So there are no worries if it goes over-priced or under-priced.

At first, I just tried to test this site since I see ALOT of other blogs doing it. And boy am I glad that I tried it. Not only does it bring traffic, but also regular visitors, readers and friends!

So since it is a huge success in my other blog, I'd be adding this blog to EC as well!

For now, I'd be making a thumbnail image to be placed on my profile before I add this blog.

Please visit my entrecard profile and place an ad for just 64 ec's a day.

Or just go over Inlove with Daisies and drop an ec.

Smooches to everyone!

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