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♥ JPEG, PNG, or GIF, which is the smallest?

= Saturday, June 20, 2009 =

As I was making the screen shots for my comments stalker post yesterday, I looked for the smallest size of photo to post, without sacrificing the quality of the image, so it won't take long to load.

I read somewhere that PNG gives the best space saver. But, I realized yesterday that it's not.

Have you tried making a screen shot and save it as JPEG and the imge becomes blur? Sometimes it even changes the pixel colors. That's irritating coz you can't really post a bitmap image on your blog because of the huge size it consumes.

Using IrfanView, I was able to save a bitmap screen shot to JPEG and look as clear as it was saved on bitmap.

Then, I tried saving it on PNG and GIF. They all have the same quality, the only difference is the file size. Here are the results:

I've been using this software for years but only to have transparent background for GIF's. I just realized now that it can do more...

How about you, what software do you use?

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