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♥ Goodbye YouthMedia hello LinkWithin?

= Tuesday, June 2, 2009 =

Let's start the month right this time.

YouthMedia has reportedly brought errors on both my blogs. Here, it freezes the page and hangs the whole browser (sometimes) especially if you are not using Mozilla Firefox. On Inlove With Daisies, I have complaints from BOTB (Battle Of The Blogs at BlogExplosion) voters that didn't vote for my blog because that widget is irritatingly popping up. So apologies to those who got irritated. I am pulling the plug.

Besides, what's 20 views in 20 days?

Instead, I decided to have a link-through widget on my old posts by using LinkWithin. Unfortunately, this widget only works through blogger beta. And this blog is using the Classic Template. I just think that my knowledge of Dreamweaver (*cough) will be put to waste if I switch to an XML template here.


What to do?

I sent a report to LinkWithin asking for a code that I can install manually. Hopefully they can give me one.

Simply retouched @ 7:45 PM


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